Friday, 3 January 2014

Submissions Reopen

Submissions Reopen

Monday, 6 January 2014

What are your submission requirements?

Each submission must include --
What to send
Must include
Cover letter
• your contact details
• short blurb* (see faqs)
• short author bio (incl: writing credits, awards, other achievements)
• brief comment about anything you think we should know, e.g. series info, other submissions, etc.
(see faqs)
• must include the ending
Full manuscript (double-spaced)
• We want the full polished manuscript. Must be in 'ready to go' condition. No rough/first drafts.

How do I send my submission?

When you send your submission, please include the following --
Subject line
• SUBMISSION: Book Title by Author Name
File name
• Title your attachment: Book Title by Author Name.doc (or rtf)
• Attach your full manuscript and synopsis in one document file, i.e. chapters and synopsis in one document.
• Please be sure your attachment has your contact details on a covering page and each subsequent page has the book title, author name and page number.
Email body
• Please put (copy/paste) your cover letter in the body of your email. Do not include it with your attachment.

Send to

Double check your submission before sending -- Does it meet our requirements?
If you have questions about your submission, please see our FAQS.

Please visit our website for submission guidelines:

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