Friday, 30 January 2015

Available Now: One Night in Madrid by JD Martins

City Nights, #8
JD Martins

ISBN: 9781311466341
Length: Novella
Genre: Erotic Romance
Price: $2.99

Buy here: Tirgearr Publishing

Danny left Dublin for Madrid two years ago, but still scans the crowd in the Irish pubs for the face of someone from home. Though doubtful he'll ever recognise anybody, one evening he sees Aisling, a girl he'd known - or wished he'd known - at university. Beautiful but haughty, she'd always ignored Danny, and though he'd fantasised about making love to her, she'd never so much as smiled at him.

To his amazement, Aisling is extremely friendly when she meets him all these years later and away from home. She is still snobby and condescending, but Danny decides to make her night as enjoyable as he can, hoping for one last chance to impress her and make his teenage fantasies come true. As the sultry Madrid night progresses, mere lust grows into affection, and Danny begins to see her snobbery as something else entirely. Will Aisling see Danny as more than just a way to pass her night in Madrid?

10% of the author's royalties will be donated to WWF,
the World Wildlife Fund.

• • •

Draining the glass, Danny placed it on the bar, debating whether to have another pint, or stroll home and have a glass of wine while he prepared dinner. The plan was just one pint, but he needed to tell himself that twice; once when he went into the bar and again when he'd finished the drink. He knew if he did have a second pint the hunger might go off him, and he might get chatting to someone. Then he'd end up with a kebab on the way home instead of the chicken curry for which he'd ingredients waiting in his kitchen.

And then he saw her.

She stood quite near, surrounded by a tight knot of people at the edge of the dance floor that had parted momentarily. She wore a cotton summer dress that showed the sweep of her shoulder blades and spine. The dress was floral, red with splashes of black and dark blue. She wore soft brown leather sandals that were almost invisible against her tanned feet. Her toenails were painted red, but her fingernails were French polished. A silver or white-gold bracelet hung from her right wrist, and on her left she wore a silver wristwatch, which a discreet look later told him was a Patek Philippe. In her ears, she had diamond stud earrings, and on the ring finger of her right hand was a silver ring with a blue stone he couldn't identify.

He didn't see her face straight away, yet something deep inside him said it had to be her.

In college, he'd often stared at this girl's long blonde hair from a few seats behind in the lecture theatre, while far below them a maths professor droned on about matrices. He knew the shape of her head and neck, had observed her tie up that hair, amazed at the beauty of the fine, straight filaments, the way the strands slid like silk over one another, yet held as one tight rope. When she was an infant her mother had clearly decided ever cutting such hair would be a sin, and she’d concurred. She plaited it, put it in a ponytail, tied it up around a clip made of what seemed to Danny like a piece of wood and two chopsticks, or simply a spare pencil. Sometimes it splayed out across her shoulders like a cascade of spun gold. Now it was pulled up in a silver clasp, to reveal the nape of a long, fine neck, and soft-skinned shoulders.

Those shoulders had been bared before, in a hot September of their freshman year, and later, during the intense study month when the cherry blossoms bloomed and fell across the lawns of campus. Danny had fantasised about slipping off that shoulder strap, letting the silky string fall down her arm, trailing his fingers along her collarbone and ribs and pushing aside the top to expose her breasts. They'd be in a quiet aisle of the library, between leather-bound journals on archaeology or Greek architecture, which nobody referenced anymore and were only visited once a week when the librarians dusted. The tall volumes would shield them from the view of other students researching papers or studying for finals.

• • •

JD Martins has been called Spanish, Mexican, Chinese, Philippine and English and Australian. He is none of these.

He's lived in four cities in three countries on two continents, but he doesn't feel like he's travelled very much. His life in each city was rather mundane and he didn't get out much - tending to move his pen more than his body.

He still aspires to see much more of the world - probably when his wife becomes rich enough to let him retire from day jobs.

He would like to live like Ernest Hemmingway: periodically sending novel manuscripts to his publisher from various far-flung corners of the world, though he's not sure the quality will be quite the same. Until then, he has contented himself with living like Robert Graves - in a pleasant part of Spain with a quiet life - and being able to do some things that Hemmingway did - trout fishing in Spain, game hunting in Africa, watching bullfights and running with the bulls, - and a few that he did not get to do - surfing, skydiving, bungee jumping, and getting erotic stories published. 

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Available Now: Undiscovered by Dellani Oakes

Dellani Oakes

ISBN: 9781310446184
Length: Novel
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Price: $3.99

Buy here: Tirgearr Publishing

Kent Griswald is a high powered movie executive known for his micro-managing and aggressive supervision of a movie from beginning to end. He's not well liked professionally or personally, so when someone puts a knife in his chest, no one is terribly surprised. However, someone also took pot shots at his younger brother, Connor, who has no enemies.

Detectives Walter Scott and Vanessa Weinstein are called in on the case, ready for action. Unfortunately, Detective Scott hadn't counted on the eyewitness, Cadence Stuart. Pretty and personable, she's also terrified that the killer may come after her next. It's up to Scott to protect her from the tall, dark killer. Unfortunately, so far, the killer's identity and whereabouts are Undiscovered.

• • •

“My sister’s the manager,” he explained as the hostess led them to a table.

“Your usual drink, Scott?”

“Not tonight. I’ll have iced tea.”

“Not a rum runner or something more interesting?” The hostess probed.

“Thanks, no. Still gotta drive home.” He flashed a winning smile.

The hostess sashayed off, swinging her hips. Scott watched her until Nessa nudged him, clearing her throat.

“Friend of yours?”

“Used to be. Okay, still on occasion. A beneficial friend,” he clarified.

“Got that. My keen observation sense.” She tapped the corner of her right eye.

“We gonna rehash that old dog?”

“Which old dog?”

“That argument where you tell me what a man slut I am? Cause that got old the first sixty times. I don’t think I can sit through it again.”

“You can do what you want.”

“Why didn’t you feel like that before?”

“We were dating then.”

Walt frowned, pursing his lips. “Cheap shot, Ness.”

“And what you’re doing isn’t?”

“When we were dating did I ever look at another woman? You’d love it if I’d been unfaithful, then you’d be able justify leaving me.”

“Here we go,” the waitress said cheerfully. “Dinner is served! Can I get you anything else?”

“We’re good,” Scott said. “Thanks.”

She strutted off again and he made a point of watching her just to irk Vanessa.

“How’d you like it if I started ogling some guy while I’m with you?”

“When you can find one better built than me, go ahead.”

“Arrogant prick.”

“But you liked that arrogant prick, Ness. As I recall, you found it quite satisfying.”

“I think we’d better drop this subject too.”

“But we’re finding out what we have in common, a messed up love life.”

They changed the subject to anything but love and crime.

• • •


Dellani Oakes makes her home in Florida, but she grew up in Western Nebraska. Before that, she had lived in four other states. Since then, she has added two more, giving her a unique perspective on life. Always a people watcher, Dellani put that talent to use when she became an author.

Bitten by the writing bug early in life, Dellani first pursued poetry as her medium of self-expression. Soon, she moved on the song parodies and then short stories and humorous essays. Once she got to high school, it became apparent that she needed to learn to spell when she got a paper back from her English teacher, “For content – A+. For mechanics – F.” That comment changed her life, forcing her to focus as much on how she said things as what she said.

Dellani took up writing full time when her youngest son started kindergarten in 2002. Since then, she has published four books. Her two romantic suspense novels are with Tirgearr Publishing, though she has an historical romance and sci-fi novel with another publisher. She has also contributed to several anthologies.

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Available Now: Knight of the White Hart by Kathryn Marlowe

The Breton Lais, #1
Kathryn Marlowe

ISBN: 9781311904669
Length: Novella
Genre: Historical Romance
Price: $3.99

Buy Here: Tirgearr Publishing

Guigemar is a Breton knight who fights alongside King Arthur. His excels in all the courtly arts save one: he has always scorned love. Returning home the knight goes hunting with a friend and shoots a white deer. The arrow bounces back to wound him, too. The doe curses him: the wound will never heal until he meets a woman who will love him truly and suffer for that love like no one ever has ever suffered before. Mad with pain he stumbles to the shore where a stunning ship sails him away, despite lacking a crew. He tosses and turns in fevered dreams until he awakes to find the most beautiful woman he has ever seen peering in at him.
And there his real troubles begin.

The Middle Ages: when ‘romance’ meant adventure!

• • •

Thise auld gentil Bretons in hir dayes
Of diverse aventures maden layes…

It all came down to the third lance. Guigemar looked down the pitch at his opponent. The tall Lancastrian had proved more formidable than he had expected, but that was all to the good. He was more than ready.

After some weeks of idleness since the last campaign, the king’s proposal of a tournament was met with hearty cheers by all his knights. Guigemar had been especially enthusiastic, as he had known it would be his last adventure before reluctantly heading home. Somehow Brittany had come to be a rather dull place in his mind, and he thrilled to the world he had discovered in Arthur's court.

Like jousting.

The lanky man opposite him doubtless had the same eagerness and resolve. Guigemar felt the familiar weight of the lance under his arm as he measured up his challenger. The two of them had faced many today, but now it was just them.

And the one lance each wielded would decide the matter.

Guigemar allowed the possibility of another draw to enter his mind, and then swept it away. He would be satisfied with nothing but victory. Beneath him, Robin stamped with what seemed to be equal impatience. The huge chestnut charger strained at the bit, his muscles wound as tightly as the coils of a serpent’s body, ready to spring. How strange that training could so completely overcome the nature of the beast; a horse in his natural state would flee this sort of arena, yet here he was, as eager for the fray as his master.

The crowd shouted encouragement to them all. Guigemar knew there were likely as many cheering for him as against him. It didn’t really matter. God would award victory to whomever He chose. All any knight could do was his best. Fate would fall as it must.

But how he wanted to win!

Let it be so, he prayed fervently and briefly, I wish to depart with my name upon their lips in joy. Guigemar glanced up at Arthur and saw the king leaning forward with anticipation. The cares of the kingdom and the recent skirmishes in the north had lifted from his brow for the time being, and he retained that look of youthful vigor that only fleetingly visited of late.

The queen sat beside him, eyes bright. She always seemed half thrilled and yet half terrified that one of the men might actually injure himself drastically. It was not unknown. Without exception, Arthur’s knights threw themselves into the jousting with the same zeal they showed in battle.

It meant something to win, and Guigemar had very nearly won everything.

• • •


Kathryn 'Kit' Marlowe is a writer of historical romance with humour (although there are those who say she’s secretly an English professor who writes under other names). You can find her on Facebook, too. Her lovely author portrait was created by the fabulous artist S. L. Johnson. Marlowe’s novel The Mangrove Legacy will be published by Tirgearr Publishing; you may also read her on-going comic steampunk serial, Airships & Alchemy.

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Happy New Year, Tirgearryens!

Lots of changes coming up for 2015, which include:

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