Sunday, 11 March 2012

Submissions Closes - Reopen 2-6 April

Submissions are now closed for March. Many thanks to all the authors who submitted their work. We'll be sending out replies soon.

Submissions will reopen 2 to 6 April, and will continue through the year every first Mon-Friday of each month. Please refer to our website for open dates.

Watch this space for upcoming releases!

Coming Soon --

The Secret of Narava by Isabo Kelly

Beguiler by Scarlett Valentine

Moondance by Kemberlee Shortland

Friday, 2 March 2012

Open Submissions 1-10 March 2012

Open submissions: 1 to 10 March

Please read the following guidelines before preparing your submission.

Following our current open submissions period,Tirgearr Publishing will begin taking submissions the first Monday through Friday of every month.

Here's the schedule for 2012 --

2 - 6 April
7 - 11 May
4 - 8 June
2 - 6 July
6 - 10 August
3 - 7 September
1 - 5 October
5 - 9 November

We are closed the month of December and will begin accepting submissions again on this same time frame starting 7 January 2013.

• Any submissions that come in at any other date than those above will be deleted. However, if you have a submission with us and have not heard back in a reasonable time, please send a query.

For Submission Guidelines, please refer to our website. Be sure to read these guidelines thoroughly.