Wednesday, 30 May 2012


book three of The Trouble Series
Kristi Ahlers
May 2012
ISBN: 9781476197791   
ASIN: B00874NV2K    

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Ashley Quinn is fulfilling her dream of opening her own bookstore. In the heart of New Orleans, she finds the perfect location just off Bourbon Street, only to find the building is haunted by the ghost of the original owner, an 18th century notorious rake, Royce Kingston. Ashley has long-suffered haunting dreams of a young woman suffering incredible heartbreak, dreams that leave Ashley shaking and in tears on waking. When she learns she is the reincarnated woman from her dreams, it's up to her to break an ancient curse to save the man she'd loved so long ago, the same man who'd irreparably broken her heart-Royce!

Royce Kingston lived a reckless life. Women were attracted to him and he did nothing to dissuade them. He enjoyed wild nights of fun and flirtatious but momentary romance. He'd broken many hearts, but that was part and parcel of the kind of man he'd been. But he'd broken the heart of the wrong woman. She put him in the place in which he now found himself existing. Ironically, she is the only woman who can save him. He must prove he's worth giving a second chance. But unable to tell Ashley how to break the curse, he could find himself trapped between worlds. And time is running out.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Celebrate Manchester City FBCs massive win with Man City by C. Margery Kempe

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the latest video for Man City by C. Margery Kempe, honoring Manchester City FBCs massive win this past weekend. Pick up a copy of this book and you'll find there's nothing shy about Shai . . . especially when it comes to her boys and footie!

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