Thursday, 23 January 2014

Available Now: My Grandfather's Pants

Tegon Maus

ISBN: 9781310037856
Length: Novelette
Genre: Contemporary Paranormal Fiction
Price: $3.99

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Jack Laskin is an ordinary man. More than ordinary according to some. Running the family hardware store and a life that would bore a snail, nothing exciting ever seems to happen to him.

Then, at his mother’s urging, he tries on a pair of his late grandfather's old pants and everything changes -- most importantly his emerging love life. It's not long before his mother and her meddling friends get involved.

When an old friend of his grandfather’s tells Jack he has something she wants, his new-found life takes another turn. Having no idea what he is supposed to have, Jack looks to his girlfriend, Connie, and her brother, Robert, for help.

In the end, the answers will all be found in his
Grandfather’s Pants.

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