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Available Now: A Port in the Storm by Elizabeth Delisi

Elizabeth Delisi

Length: A Very Short Story
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Price: 99/99p


Brian Nolan gave up his high-pressure job in the big city and moved back to his childhood home in Southingly, Vermont. He enjoys his job with the town roads department, plowing in winter and landscaping in summer. It doesn’t pay much, but he’s done the “Corporate America thing” and has no interest in wealth that comes with an ulcer and a broken relationship.

The only problem is, lately Brian feels something is lacking in his life, some need is going unfulfilled. And he knows he’ll never be completely happy until he discovers what it is.

Little does Brian know he’ll find his reason for living stranded in a snowstorm...

• • •

It was well after midnight when Brian spotted the little Honda in the ditch. A couple more inches of snow and it would have been impossible to see. Sighing, he hopped out and approached the vehicle. He’d already turned in reports of several stuck, abandoned vehicles to Corky Jones, the tow truck driver, tonight. Corky wasn’t going to be happy to hear of another.

Brian tried to peer into the car, but the windows were fogged up. The headlights of the snowplow just scattered light on the intricately patterned frost, but didn’t penetrate inside. He pulled a small notebook and pencil out of his pocket, planning to write down the make, model and license number to pass on to Corky.

Then, suddenly, he thought he glimpsed something inside…a small head pressed against the back seat window. He dropped the notebook and pencil and jerked open the door. A little girl, about four years old, tumbled out into his arms. She was bundled up in a sweater and an old, patched jacket, and she appeared to be asleep. Or was she unconscious?

“Honey?” Brian patted her cheek. “Are you okay? Can you wake up and answer me?”

Her eyelids fluttered open. “Papa?”

• • •

Elizabeth Delisi wanted to be a writer since she was in first grade, and probably would have written in the womb if she could have convinced her mother to swallow a pencil. But life hasn't always gone the way she planned, and on her road to publication she worked as a motel maid, waitress, secretary, administrative aide, substitute teacher, and newspaper reporter.

Elizabeth is a multi-published, award-winning author of romance, mystery and suspense. Her time-travel romance set in ancient Egypt, Lady of the Two Lands, won a Bloody Dagger Award and was a Golden Rose Award nominee. Her romantic suspense novel, Since All is Passing, was an EPPIE Award finalist and Bloody Dagger Award finalist. Fatal Fortune was a Word Museum Reviewer’s Choice Masterpiece. Elizabeth's contemporary romance novella The Heart of the Matter is featured in the Valentine's Day-themed anthology Cupid's Capers and was an EPPIE Award finalist. A Carol of Love is part of Holiday Hearts anthology and an EPPIE Award finalist. A Cup of Christmas Charm is part of Holiday Hearts 2 anthology and was also an EPPIE Award finalist. Elizabeth is also the author of the newly released speculative short fiction collection, The Midnight Zone.

Elizabeth is an instructor for Writer’s Digest University. She has taught Creative Writing at the community college level, has worked as a copyeditor for several small publishers, and edits for individuals. She holds a B.A. in English with a Creative Writing major from St. Leo University.

Elizabeth is currently at work on Deadly Destiny and Perilous Prediction, the sequels to Fatal Fortune, and Knit A Spell, a paranormal romance.

Elizabeth lives in New Hampshire with her husband and feisty parakeet. She enjoys hearing from her readers.

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