Friday, 23 May 2014

Available Now: The Adonis Touch

The Aphrodite and Adonis Series, book 2
Romy Gemmell

ISBN: 9781310127564
Length: Novelette
Genre: Romance
Price: $1.99

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When thirty-something Katie Murray agrees to go on holiday to the romantic island of Cyprus with the man in her life, Mike Sinclair, it’s on the understanding they are only friends. Much as she enjoys Mike’s company and hopes it might develop into something more, she is still not over the untimely death of her first husband and only lover, childhood sweetheart, Paul. Can she put her sadness behind her, let go of her inhibitions and learn to love again?

On Cyprus in spring time, Aphrodite and Adonis are reunited after two seasons apart and in between renewing their love for each other they watch the influx of tourists to Paphos, choosing the next couple to benefit from their special help. Recognising the sadness in Katie’s eyes and the love Mike waits to share, the mythological couple are determined to do all in their power to ensure the two humans discover the joy that awaits them.

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