Thursday, 6 March 2014

Availale Now: Her Puzzle

Betsy J. Bennett

ISBN: 9781311738554
Length: novel
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Price: $4.99

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He was a puzzle and none of the pieces fit together
Lawyer Tina Aaron considered men as puzzles. She liked to have all the pieces neatly in place. But Brodrick LoMaren’s puzzle made no sense. He is reputed to be extremely wealthy but he doesn’t know how to tip New York City cab drivers. He never had pizza or Coke. And he could disappear into thin air after kissing her senseless.

Earth was not his homeland
Brick had no intention of falling in love with a human. He wanted to take the Vow and become a soldier, to dedicate his life to the defense of the Empire. Then after a bloody uprising where his father the Emperor was assassinated, he found himself exiled to Earth.

Brick learns to find beauty in New York, but his heart finds completeness in Tina’s love.

He promises her one night as Cinderella
After his exile is lifted, Brick still believes he can return to his homeland and forget her, but he finds that impossible. So he invites Tina to the Empire, to show her how different they are. There, a unihorn mare kneels to her, offering Tina honor and a wish. Dressed in a ball gown, with a necklace of priceless rubies around her throat, more of the pieces of the puzzle start to make sense. She is starting to understand Brodrick and the love she feels for him.

He is accused of murder
Brick is found guilty of the gruesome murder of the emperor and hundreds of the Empire’s citizens. Tina is given the opportunity to forget him and go back to her life, knowing that it will mean his death. Then Brick and Tina realize life is not worth living if they are not together. But what remains to be seen, is her love for this prince enough to save his life, even when she suspects he will still choose his homeland over her?

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