Thursday, 26 September 2013

Available Now: Sweet Seduction

Stella Whitelaw

ISBN: 9781301813018
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $4.49

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Three important men in Kira Reed's life have let her down -- her grandfather, her fiancé and her MP employer. Feeling she can have a better life and start over, Kira relocates to the beautiful island of Barbados, forgetting about past disappointment and about her failed London career. Determined to succeed, she reinvents herself as a successful, glamorous executive. She has a secret, too, and is determined to find the man she believes caused the death of her mother, Tamara.

Giles Earl owns a sugar factory and plantation called Sugar Hill.  He is the type of man Kira should be seducing with her business expertise, but instead, she finds herself falling in love with him. Can she trust him with her secret, or will he use it to destroy her?

The mystery of Dolly’s unfolding story is told alongside Kira’s: Kira discovers an insurmountable barrier with her love of Giles. Her grandmother, Dolly, a wild young girl, had two lovers at the same time -- one of them had been Giles’ father. Could Tamara be Giles' sister? This would makes Giles, the man Kira deeply loves, her own uncle.

Just as Kira is about to discover the truth of Dolly's marriage secret and who killed her mother, Hurricane Hannah hits Barbados, destroying almost everything on Sugar Hill. Will Kira ever discover the truth?

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